Waja's Eonon E1057 Final Review

Eonon E1057 Final Review

Opening statement: Item was never intended to be installed into a Vios, but into my sister's 2007 Yaris Sedan. The Vios has practically the interior ripped out from a Yaris with all the same faceplates, harnesses, fittings and sizes.

Delivery: Very fast delivery to Australia. Item was ordered on the 8th and received on the 14th. Also the tracking number was provided and was sent by DHL (reliability in action)

Connections & First start: The wiring was a dream with the harness being a quick clip with no extra harnesses or material being required. Everything was done pretty quickly and installed without too much strain. Eventually was stressing a bit as pressing the volume button did not start the unit. Eventually realized the SRC button is the power button. (Only one thing the manual was good for) Boot up time doesn't feel like the 40 seconds stated on most Eonon HU's and is pretty fast. Layout of the headunit is great and placed very well. Also looks brilliant even when not installed. [10/10]

Videos and DVDs: Screen quality is GREAT. Practically all DVDs tested so far are playing on this unit. Playing movies is brilliant on this screen with 6.2" not being too small for looking nor too big for the dash. Regardless, there is a tiny bit of grain on the image which pulls the point down by .5. The grain isn't too obvious, but being pedantic, I have to comment. [9.5/10]

Radio & Audio: One word to describe the audio. BRILLIANT. An awesome upgrade from the factory stock headunit, sounding clearer and louder on the stock speakers than before. I have pushed the speakers and haven't got any distortion before we deemed it too loud at 11pm and turned it down. The radio running through the stock antenna is great as well. It picks up channels I didn't even know existed! Elsewards, easy to navigate and use. [10/10]

USB & SD: Quickly syncs track names etc to the HU. Would have been good having the USB connection on the rear and running a hidden cable to a different location. Also the interface when exploring the USB is badly organised. The scroll bar is tiny and hard to navigate around folders and files. [7/10]

Bluetooth: Easy to pair to mobile phones, quick transmission with incoming phone calls. But the microphone is lacking and doesn't pick up much so need to use the microphone on the phone still. [7/10]

GPS: GPS unit was included and is a little bit bulky having to have the GPS box AND a receiver, where it would have been good having the GPS box integrated into the HU and having the blanked out slot at the front as the GPS SD card. Other than that, boot up time for GPS is decent and the interface is great and easy to use (Using PolNav). The GPS is easy to use, high quality and decent at recalculating routes. Also picks up the GPS signal REALLY fast, compared to my handheld GPS unit. [10/10]

TV: To tell the truth, TV was one of the most time consuming and irritating things to configure. The manual has nothing on how to wire it and also looking on the forum didn't have any answers, so by taking assumptions and plugging the one tv cable, you are left with 2 other cables in the end. Tried grounding these and spent hours trying to work it out before giving up and disconnecting the tv antenna. A better explanation would be good and statements for which PAL to use (there is PAL M, I, N, BG etc) I'll give 1 point for atleast having a tv connection. Hopefully I will be able to work out how to wire these connections and the TV segment will work [Incomplete/10 giving a 1/10. Hopefully will rise after getting the connections working]

Manual: Honestly...utterly useless. Unit it simple to use and the manual states alot of "functions and what they do" not really much on trouble shooting, wiring, etc. Also, the english version isn't that good and usually leaves you feeling frustrated of laughing at the lingo. [1/10 for trying]

Installing faceplate + headunit into dash: Using the stock brackets which came with the stock headunit didn't align up with all 4 holes on the headunit, but the main 2 were aligned and those would hold it in place. Attaching the airvents onto the aftermarket faceplate was a little difficult and you always feel like you are going to break something. Eventually fits in perfectly and flush, just like stock (never going to do that again). Installing the faceplate into the dash was the difficult part. It was very twitchy trying to get in and required alot of pushing (clicks easily in place with the stock surround faceplate though) but eventually got everything except the bottom two clips in all the way. There is a slight incline due to the bottom clips not fitting properly and the color is SIMILAR but not 100% but in the end, it still looks like a stock install. [9/10]

Support and Warranty: Brilliant knowing that you have 2 years warranty afterwards incase the item plays up or anything. Live support to Clara was great, friendly, quick to respond and redirected me in the right direction. Email support is a little lacking though, taking an extended time for replies (still waiting on a reply sent 2 weeks ago to ask if the unit will fit into a Yaris...regardless as it will be a little late since it's already bought and installed. Hopefully doesn't take too long for a reply on how to fix the tv antenna) [7/10]

Overall: Overall I think that the unit is a brilliant upgrade from the stock system. It looks like the car came with it preinstalled, easy to use and has as many, if not more, than the $2000 systems in the market. The small things that pull it down is the lack of technical support, the manual which is useless, the mic for bluetooth and the OS. The OS is easy to navigate around, but looks cheap due to the old style layout. The font is slightly pixelated and could be touched up. The O/S for the nav software shows the potential from the unit, showing it can have a highly interactive GUI and look like a $2000 unit. Through touching up these features, it would leave Eonon fighting strong against the top brands and could easily take a large market share.

Final score: 71.5/100 and due to increase once Eonon contact me regarding the TV

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What do you do to compensate or say to the Sound Check band?

One thing that's always bugged me about my bands is the difference in level between soundcheck and show. I build my mix based on what I get at soundcheck and then at show, the band plays at a different level/dynamic and I'm scrambling to readjust everything. I usually just pull back my gain pots a couple of clicks but it's just a pain in the rear. Does anybody else have this problem? What do you do to compensate or say to the band?

and Jordan Wolf says:
Well, it depends on the maturity level of the band and its members. If you're working with high schoolers, I doubt you'll have much luck (I haven't).

I always ask (and sometimes tell) them to play just like they are going to during the show. Normally, getting the group to do a few songs before the crowd gets there lets you get a feel for the mix. Plus, if they're going to play loudly, it'll be more likely to happen at that time.

It's a crap shoot, unfortunately. You get what you get...talent, no talent...show volume, no volume... It's combat audio at its best.

Mical says:
I bet sometimes it's the band, more times than not it's "audience absorption factor". Other factors; temperature (especially outdoors), but indoor conditions change alot too. (loading dock doors, AC, AV,etc) It's the nature of the beast and as mentioned - "if it was automatic, you'd be out of a job". You adjust your mix between venues right? Try doing your soundcheck closer to "doors", that should minimize adjustments and verify if it is the band & not the venue. If I read it correctly - the Air Force band is alot of inputs - so I feel your frustrations. Thank god it's not the London Philharmonic, you'd be on suicide watch.


using cheap lapel mikes in hairline or behind ears

I'm working on a local community theater production of "My Fair Lady" and we have to mike the two leads (Doolittle and Higgins). Like michael,We don't have any decent mikes to go over the ears, so I have to use a pair of wireless lavaliere mikes. The capsules are sort of clunky and hard to hide, so we've put Eliza's mike just above her ear, and Henry's under his collar, just peeking out the front.

The sound is acceptable, but tonality is not particularly nice.

Does anyone have any tips on anything I could try to get better high end response (4-16k)?

Since you say the sound is acceptable but tonality is lacking, it seems that you are happy with the mic itself, and this could be solved with new placements.

Make sure that Eliza's capsule is firmly on a cheek bone and not the temple. If you move to far off hard bone, you lose high end fast. And the closer to her mouth you can get, the better(a hidden mic is of course desired).

That same concept goes for Henry. And since his is currently hidden right in front of his vocal cords, you are getting a lot of resonance from the mid-low frequencies. Again, If you could get his mic onto hard bone(forehead or cheek bone, avoid the jaw of course), I think that will help you out a lot.

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loud snare drum Problems

I have the same problems with drummers! Some have dynamic control, and some don't. I tend to mix around the drums, and if the drums are too damn loud, the whole mix will be too loud. We have a small lounge in our casino, seats about 75 people max, as well as a large nightclub.Make sure of AV, The small stage is where I've been working mostly. The stage is only 10' x 15' in a very "live" room. I have had the usual conversations with the bands, about stage level and such.

The way I handle it is as follows.......As he says :drummers are stupid!I always use the drum sheild, no exceptions. If the snare is too loud, I make them tape a cloth on the snare head. They always complain, but if they don't comply, I'm on the phone with their agent. Sometimes you have to be an a-hole. I put it this way to the band. "You have been hired to do a job (entertain our guests). You will do the job our way, or we will find someone else to do it." I still have two bands that just won't listen to me. There is no reason for a drummer to break sticks during every set in a room that size! Security is always on me about levels. With those bands I now only put vocals in the mix, and they get lost under the drums. Now if security comes up to me about levels, I turn the mains off in front of them showing them there is no change! Everyone in the bands are pissed at their drummer. So, if the drummers get the band fired, is it worth it? I say entertainment should be enjoyable for everyone, not a battle of egos!